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Lagoa da Gaivota – “Lake of Seagull”
Postcard of Santo Amaro. The Lagoa da Gaivota is an unforgettable trip. It was the setting for the movie Casa de Areia (House of Sand)
This lake, which is one of the most beautiful in the park, has crystal clear water and is filled almost the entire year.
How to get there:
Toyota Landcruzer – it takes 20 min to get to the lake
Trekking – it takes around 1 hour to get to the lake
Tip: This is the quickest tour in Santo Amaro. For those who have little time, but wish to know the Lençóis Maranhenses, it is perfect.
We suggest that you take the tour in the afternoon, so you can enjoy the sunset at the lake.


Queimada dos Britos is a community in the middle of the park. It is an “island” surrounded by sand of Lençóis Maranhenses.
There are about 200 people living in this area and they are all relatives. The Brito family are the owners of this place. They fish, raise cattle and goats.
The place has no electric lights, so fires or lamps illuminate the night. And speaking of the night, it is an indescribable feeling sleeping in Queimada dos Britos.
How to get there:
Toyota landcruzer – it takes approximately 2 hours to arrive at the community, through the park, passing by a beach and stopping for a swim in the lakes. You must allow a full day for this tour.
Trekking – it takes approximately 7 hours to reach the community. During the walk you will achieve a greater contact with nature - and you will not miss even a detail of the landscape. You need to witness the dawn over the dunes, The scene is spectacular.
The walk requires physical preparation (but you don’t have to be an athlete!), because the journey is long, but is worth it!
You need 4 days for this trip - one night in Santo Amaro, leaving the next day for Queimada, staying two nights there and returning to Santo Amaro on the last day.
Tip: This trip is worth it! You go through the park, look at many lakes, each one has a different colour, get to know the beach of Santo Amaro and even visit a community. The experience is better if you sleep there and participate in a little bit of the local people’s day-to-day activities.

At this riverside community there is about 30 families.
It has streets of sand, many cashew trees, charming homes and the Alegre river, with is deeper than the river in Santo Amaro.
Across the river, there are famous dunes of the park and lakes.
Lunch: rustic chicken. Delicious!
How to get there:
Toyota landcruzer - the journey takes 50 min. Reserve a day to get to know Betânia.
Trekking – it takes 3h30, with stops for swimming in the river Alegre, which you will pass many stretches of.
The landscape changes constantly, making the ride even more interesting.
Trekking can be completed in one day. But if you prefer, you can cover it in two days, with a one nights stay at the Betânia community wich is a whole new experience.
Tips: If you go to Betânia, try the famous rustic chicken – you need to ask in advance or else you risk not eating there.
And do not forget to take the boat ride across the river for a magnificient view of the dunes – you need to pay a small fee to the rower.
And you can relax for a while in hammocks hanging amidst cashew trees.

In a beautiful landscape where the Alegre River meets the sand dunes of Lençóis Maranhenses, bathe in the crystal clear waters. Enjoy the view as you climb the high dunes.
Anything you want to do there is only limited by your imagination.
How to get there:
Toyota landcruzer - This tour is usually combined with Betânia. Don’t wait, reserve a day to explore this beautiful place along with a visit to Betânia.

Santo Amaro is located right next to the park, so the walks for Lençóis Maranhenses can be included.
We can give some advice on wich trips to take in this region. In general, these trips can be made by Toyota landcruzer or walking, which is one of the best ways to enjoy this paradise. But make sure these walks are accompanied by a local guide.







It is impossible to go to Santo Amaro and do not bathe in the Alegre river.
The hot sun invites you to go to the river. It is an irresistible invitation.


For those who enjoy fishing in lakes.



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